Biblio Laxdæla & Auðr

Laxdæla saga and Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)uðga: A bibliography of manuscripts, editions, translations, adaptations and secondary literature [work-in-progress]

compiled by Sofie Vanherpen

The bibliography is still at the development stage, and in the next few months I will start to work on a bibliography devoted to both Laxdæla saga and literature connected to Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)uðga. I would be grateful if those who are interested to contributing to the website, make suggestions or authors of articles/books etc. on Laxdæla saga or on Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)uðga would contact me at Sofie.Vanherpen(at) so that these works can be added to the bibliography. Thanks for your help!

Included here is a list of all the manuscripts in which texts of the saga are found. Following this there is a list of the editions of the text, then of translations, also included is a list of adaptations and finally of secondary literature dealing specifically with Laxdæla or Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)uðga.